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What We Do!

We at Design Heating Systems Inc. offer service and maintenance plans to ensure your products are working at their optimal capacity, and to ensure the validity of the manufacturers warranty. We offer a variety of service plans so that we have something available to meet everyone’s maintenance needs!

Annual: this includes of a yearly safety and operation inspection and cleaning, this one visit per year can be done between May through September.

Semi-annual: fall and spring safety and operation inspection and cleaning

Inspection only: safety and operation inspection (no cleaning is preformed)


We also offer Duct Cleaning. It is recommended to have your duct worked cleaned approximately every 5 years (pets, allergies, smoking etc may need more frequently). Design Heating Systems is happy to provide this service using our professional-grade Heat SealĀ® trailer mounted pressurized unit to provide a thorough clean from the registers to the furnace for a full system cleaning


We also provide additional installation services of gas lines for home appliances both indoor and outdoor including stoves, dryers, BBQs, and pools.


For any inquires, or estimates, we recommend contacting our office today and we would be happy to assist you!